A greeting

Welcome to my page. Apparently, stats say sometimes folks wind up here. As such, I figured there should be something to read…

Who am I?

Mike Major – former USAF veteran (military intelligence, specializing in weapons targeting for strategic bombers) who has done a lot of things. Worked in factories and warehouses, driven delivery trucks, worked in Forensics for the RCMP, done database and spreadsheet design, graphic design, business management and process design and Project Management. I also worked as an author for about a year and a half, but the money was lousy so I went back to ‘real’ work. Sad as I really love writing.

These days I’m an Internal Auditor for a large Investment company – a job that I quite love.

I was born in 1963, in October, in Massachusetts. I lived about half my life in the US, and then moved to Canada after my term of service was honorably completed as I’d married a Canadian gal. I still live here in the center of North America. The summers are lovely the winters very cold.

There are many past times that I like. I’ve been doing model kits since I was five (1968) and nowadays mostly do wargaming models, both real and historical. I am an amateur military historian do a lot of reading and some writing. I also spent 20 years doing fully armored competitive swordfighting. My fighting armor is full 14th Century transitional plate armor and weighs 97 lbs. I do cabinet making, plumbing, home electrical and lots of other things. My partner often jokes that ‘there is nothing I cannot fix’ which isn’t far from true.

I have a family (partner and very wonderful daughter) which also take up a fair bit of my free time.

So – there you go. If you would like some samples of my writing visit 4thDanika.wordpress.com. Lots there to have fun with.

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